Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recap: "colorant,flesh" at Umber Studios

Muses and lenses regular Sohail Akhavein showed his self portrait-style, digitally-edited photography last night in a joint show with painter (and MNfashion/Voltage/l'etoile Project Manager) Natalie Gallagher. I did a recap of the show (among other happenings) for

[Photo by Leslie Plesser]

First up was the "colorant,flesh" opening at Umber Studios in South Minneapolis. It featured the art of Sohail Akhavein and Natalie Gallagher, two up-and-comers whose faces you'd probably recognize from their regular social appearances. Turns out Natalie is quite the painter, favoring abstract, colorful brushstrokes on large canvases. In contrast, Sohail makes himself the subject of his digitally-modified self-portrait photography. He even had a stack of t-shirts printed with photos of his chest (I nabbed one for a cool $5) and a bucket of masks emblazoned with his own visage for the taking. Click here to read more.

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