Sunday, January 2, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

Another round of local fashion muses and fashion photography via Facebook uploads and the blogroll - a little taste of local inspiration.

Christian Erickson snaps his wife, singer Janey Winterbauer, looking ethereal.

Photographer assistant Cayla Caul Field gets smoke in her eyes.

Wynona Grey shoots stylish duo Carlin and Madison Van Holmes in Uptown for street style photography blog Minneapolis Affair.

Brad Ogbonna shoots Emily Kapsner getting iced.

Vanessa Meade shoots her latest muse, Marjorie Braddock.

Vision model Ashlee Walker, as photographed by Jenn Cress.

Dirty Hair Halo blogger Shannon Licari makes the best of the chilly weather.

Geisha Pearl Vintage owner/blogger Kitty Cotten celebrates the New Year.

Lovepower booker Garrison Grouse captures his lady Cecily Groves in a state of swoon.

Hannah von der Hoff (also the stylist for the shoot) whips her hair. Photo by Filipe Marques.

Fairshadow Photography posted this masquerade-inspired image of Rin Schwartz.

Hollie Mae creative directed this promo shoot featuring Ignite model Jessica for the Crystal Ball: Masked Affair NYE party. Photo: Ellie Bryan.

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  1. The Model for Fairshadow's Image is Rin Schwartz.