Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dearling Physique's new video showcases local designers

Released last Thursday at a preview event at the Uptown Apple Store, local experimental electronic band Dearling Physique has released a new video for their song "Discipline Your Hands," the first single off their debut full-length album. The group, led by Domino Davis, has often experimented in fashion, so it was fitting that for their video they included two of their most frequent collaborators: knitwear designer Kevin Kramp, and Hilary Falk (as well as Vision model Olivia NwaNjideka). The video even got props from MTV's Iggy blog.

Dearling Physique 'Discipline Your Hands' from Dearling Physique on Vimeo.

Production stills from the video:

Dearling Physique outfitted in suits by Hilary Falk

Olivia NwaNjideka & Domino Davis in Kevin Kramp scarves

Olivia NwaNjideka in Kevin Kramp knitwear

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