Friday, January 21, 2011

MNfashion Week Buyer Event Recap

My latest entry in's ongoing review series, "Last Night," recaps last night's MNfashion Week Buyer Event:

[Look by Emma Berg, photo by Jahna Peloquin]

Last night I headed to MNfashion's Northeast studio for the MNfashion Week buyer event. Open to retail buyers and press exclusively, the event gathered all the runway and accessories designers from Voltage 2011 as well as other designers from spring 2011 MNfashion Week events - Emma Berg, Kevin Kramp, George Moskal, and CounterCouture - as they attempted to get their most retail-ready pieces into local shops. Click here to read more.

More recaps and photos from Thursday's MNfashion Week Buyer Event:

Sara Glassman for PopFizz Daily
Stacey Tuthill Rammer with photos by Emily Utne for City Pages

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