Wednesday, August 3, 2011

METRO Magazine's August issue features Stephanie Lake, NorthernGRADE Men's Market

The August 2011 issue of METRO Magazine is out, and it is chock-full of fashion. It has a lovely feature on local jewelry designer Stephanie Lake, who "describes her design process as “like working in an archeological site consisting of long-forgotten jewels.” Read it online here.

[Stephanie Lake. Image credit: Kelly Loverud/METRO]

Mary O'Regan of METRO Magazine covers man-made Minnesota style, courtesy of nationally recognized American “heritage brands” like St. Paul’s J.W. Hulme, Red Wing’s Red Wing Shoes and the upcoming NorthernGRADE Men's Market, plus more local companies and art scenes that thrive on old-school craftsmanship.

METRO also features new-to-Minnesota pinup model Doris Mayday, who convinced her bosses at '50s rockabilly store Bettie Page to open the new Mall of America location.

[Doris Mayday. Image credit: Marshall Franklin Long/METRO]

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