Friday, August 5, 2011

"Project Runway" S9 Ep. 2 in review

Last night's episode of Project Runway brought back a recurring challenge for the show: unconventional materials. This time, they added a twist and sent the designers to a pet store. Read my full recap of the episode at

Minneapolis designer Danielle Everine, donning a top from her fall 2010 "Pale Rider" collection, scooped up puppy training sheets and rope dog toys for her design. She dyed the sheets to create a tie-dye effect to create a mini skirt, and made an edgy top out of the rope dog toys. In the workroom, Tim Gunn got the nod of approval, commenting, "This is very sophisticated. Not something I would normally associate with a pet store." Despite the solid design, Danielle found herself "safe" for the second week in a row.

[Danielle Everine's look]

Behind-the-scenes photos of Danielle from Episode 2:

Danielle's episode 2 sketch:

[All photos courtesy Lifetime]

What other bloggers are saying:

Tom and Lorenzo say: "It’s a shame we waited so long to show (Danielle's design), because (it's) among the better (or at least, more interesting) entries. It’s not bad at all, actually. The colors are drab and the skirt’s pretty basic, but we’re pretty impressed with that mesh top. That could not have been easy to put together. we’d call this a “high middle” entry."
Fierce and Nerdy says: "Danielle is one designer I keep watching end up just safe but I think she may be one of the strongest designers in the mix. Keep an eye out for her to rise to the top very soon."

Danielle also has a new interview with her hometown paper, the Golden Valley Patch.

Project Runway fan blog Blogging Project Runway reposts a photo of Danielle and season 6 contestant Christopher Straub at last week's premiere party hosted by l'etoile magazine in Minneapolis, and a link to the recap.

Target Addict blog features the former Target employee, who joins season six designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman as the second Target designer to be on the show.

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