Sunday, December 26, 2010

Voltage accessory designers announced

Voltage accessory designers have been announced. They include Needle & Black, Jennifer Merchant, Bionic Unicorn, Freedom From Doubt, and Lela Horst Baumann, among others. I'm the show's lead stylist (for the fifth year running!) and had a hand in selecting and pairing these designers. Here's a sampling of their past work and proposed designs from some of my favorites:

Acrylic jewelry by Jennifer Merchant (for Frances Zerr)

Leather accessories by Needle & Black by Kerry Riley (for Raul Osorio)

Leather and burlap bow accessories by Freedom for Doubt (for Danielle Everine)

Lingerie by Jagress Intimates by Sarah White (for Danielle Everine)

Ceramic skull buttons and accessories by Lela Horst Baumann (for Rachel Blomgren)

Jewelry by Bionic Unicorn by Kristin Berwald (for Max Lohrbach)

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  1. Congratulations everyone! It's going to be a fabulous show!