Sunday, December 5, 2010

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

Another round of local fashion muses and fashion photography via Facebook uploads and the blogroll - a little taste of local inspiration.

Photographer Amy Gee does a dual self portrait in local designer Raul Osorio's high-waisted bow shorts from his Fall 2010 collection. Because two are better than one.

Raul Osorio photographed by Amy Gee (of course).

Sohail Justin Akhavein photographs Melanie Plucinski - and adds glitter.

Designer Kerry Riley debuted her new patent leather bow belt designs for Needle & Black at a sale on Saturday at her Thorp Building studio. The belts will be available at Cliché in red and black this week.

Kerry Riley hard at work.

Photographer Ben Fredrickson does a self portrait of himself working.

Filmmaker and Vision models associate Elijah Chhum visits India.

Jenny Carle posts this dreamy backstage shot of her holiday collection at SCENEaSOTA.

Carly Schoen posts a preview of her dapper baby clothes line that she'll be selling at the CO Exhibitions' First Annual World (craft) Fair next Saturday. This kid looks straight out of The Sartorialist.

l'etoile and scribe Juleana Enright shows off a (possibly black arts-induced) scrape.

Designer/curator Emma Berg shows off her Brian Lichtenstein for Blood Is the New Black t-shirt from ROBOTlove (while I look on) during an Auntie Mame movie night.

Stylist/muse Ines Kovacevic and photog assistant Cayla Caul Field get knifey for photographer Brad Ogbonna.

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