Monday, December 20, 2010

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

Another round of local fashion muses and fashion photography via Facebook uploads and the blogroll - a little taste of local inspiration.

Photographer Cayla Caul Field goes in front of the camera.

Cayla again, because two are better than one.

Hairstylist Jessie Quast steps in front of the lens.

Stylist/model/blogger Ines Kovacevic shows some bum.

Photographer/stylist/blogger Amy Gee steps into the light during a work trip in Dallas.

Stylista Ellie Schurter gets towel-turban fabulous.

Photographer/fashion designer/blogger Benjamin Fredrickson gets faintly nude.

Stylista/blogger Hina Khan poses at the Rogue Buddha during l'etoile's Jubilee holiday party.

Ellen Dahl Lawson snaps (formerly) local designer Emily Brygelson of Tender Cuts for The Minneapoline.

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