Thursday, December 16, 2010

A look at local painter Nicholas Harper

Number 87 in City Pages' 100 Creatives interview series is my favorite local painter, Nicholas Harper. In 2007, CNN named Harper one of the top 10 up-and-coming artists from around the world, and his gallery Rogue Buddha has been named one of the top galleries in the country by GQ. I had the honor and distinct pleasure of sitting for a portrait for Harper, who told me he will be creating not one but two portraits of me in the coming months, wearing this custom Needle & Black by Kerry Riley design.


There is definitely a connecting element to Harper's work to the world of fashion. I recently stumbled upon a photo spread by Swiss/Italian photographer Christian Tagliavini, which seems to emulate Harper's signature surrealist long necks and Victorian styling.

I wanted to take the occasion to share some of Harper's work, which definitely is a personal inspiration of mine.




And for comparison sake, a photograph by Tagliavini:

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