Sunday, December 26, 2010

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

Here's another edition of my weekly smattering of fashion-infused photography culled from local photographers and muses via Facebook, Twitter and the blogroll.

Photographer Vanessa Meade shoots her model/muse Marjorie Braddock looking gorgeously festive.

New street style blog Minneapolis Affair shoots artist Courtney Pace.

Photog Cayla Anderson gets blinded by the light.

Musician Rachel Palmer shows some face.

Sohail Akhavein shoots stylist/artist John Sand at work in the raw.

Photographer Amanda Bailey shows off her sweet red Doc Marten kicks.

Stylist/blogger Ines Kovacevic whips her hair.

Amanda Bailey shoots DJ/producer Josh Clancy Americana-style.

Style blogger Shannon Licari tries on some faux fur for size.

Style blogger Hina Khan gets shot at the Weisman's WAMarchy! closing party in front of a digital creation by Clement Shimizu for l'etoile (courtesy of stylist Molly Roark's eye).

Photographer Sohail Akhavein gets raw and glittery in a dual self-portrait.

Jewelry designer Lauren Neal fades out along St. Anthony Main.

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