Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kevin Kramp named one of City Pages' Artists of the Year

Along with local favorites like photographer Alec Soth and GAYNGS main man Ryan Olson, locally-based, avant-garde knitwear designer Kevin Kramp was named one of the Artists of the Year by City Pages. (And deservedly so.)

Choice quotes:

"Woven fabric is boring. I didn't design it, I didn't manufacture it, and I barely control it when making a garment. All the work is already done. Whereas with knit, I start from the beginning and control everything."

"My life is not separate from my design work; they are one and the same," Kramp says. "I'm inspired and enthusiastic to create objects of beauty and moments of joy, continually paralyzed by insecurity while simultaneously taking bold steps in daring directions."

Read the article here.

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