Friday, August 13, 2010

Local fashion link roundup: Weekend wrap-up

Your local fashion roundup for the weekend:

[Image by Ellen Dahl Lawson for l'etoile magazine]

Juleana Enright has a comprehensive review of the vitaminwaterZERO Flourish rooftop fashion show I produced/styled last Wednesday at the Crowne Plaza for l'etoile magazine. Check out the review for more photos by Ellen Dahl Lawson.

Mary O'Regan of METRO Magazine also offers her review of the show.

Laura Fulk's team has a great set of photos from the event.

Fashion blogger/model Hina Khan wears her Alexander McQueen scarf as a blouse at the vitaminwaterZERO show.

Pioneer Press has a newly-uploaded Glamorama photo gallery of stylist attendees, including Raina Hein of ANTM fame wearing a dress by Joynoelle (with materials from OfficeMax).

The Chicago Sun-Times has a story on OfficeMax's custom couture at Glamorama, including Joynoelle's design.

Jane Belfry spotlights some new local fashion-oriented blogs for City Pages' Dressing Room blog.

Jane also gives us the rundown on her favorite beauty products of the moment.

Coco & Breezy get a full-page spread in French magazine Da Vibe.

Vote for local fashion/art photographer Ashley Lebedev in the People's Choice category of the national Pix Digital Imaging Contest.

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