Saturday, August 7, 2010

Let them eat cake: Marie Antoinette style at Cliché

[Originally posted at l'etoile magazine]

by Jahna Peloquin
photos by Cody Litdke

Marie Antoinette: the name conjures up legends of decadence, confectionary couture, and of course, hair of astronomical heights. All of these were on display during last month's new Hair Industry Night at beloved local boutique Cliché. Three lovingly-styled models donned elaborate hair styles by three mavens of the local hair industry: Melissa Cable of Tres Jolie, Andy Doan of Audacious Styling and Melissa LaPlante of Sweeney Todd Salon. Photographer Cody Lidtke was on hand to gorgeously capture the stylized visions of Marie Antoinette and her ladies-in-waiting.

Inspired by Marie Antoinette, her dear friend the Duchesse de Polignac, her sister-in-law Marie Joséphine of Savoy, and her confidante Princess of Lamballe - the stylists coiffed the ladies according to the grandiose history of each.

After her year-long marriage at age 19, Princess of Lamballe (8 September, 1749 – Paris, 3 September, 1792) returned to court and became the confidante of Queen Marie Antoinette. Marie Louise was appointed the Superintendent of the Queens Household, the highest rank possible for a lady-in-waiting at Versailles. As a princess, she would have had the finest of food and florals. Even if not uttered by the queen herself, the quote: “let them eat cake” seemed only appropriate inspiration for this confectionary hair style. (Styled by Andy Hair of Audacious Styling with makeup by Tiini.)

Duchesse de Polignac (8 September 1749 – 9 December 1793) was a French duchess and the favorite of Marie Antoinette. The charismatic duchess was considered one of the great beauties of pre-Revolutionary high society. As Marie Antoinette always exuded a proper and orderly appearance with a confidently daring, modern approach, the duchesse would have been greatly influenced by Marie Anoinette. By combining regal and organic, nature-inspired elements, Duchesse de Polignac differentiated herself while tying herself to the Queen. (Styled by Melissa Cable of Tres Jolie with makeup by Tiini.)

Marie Joséphine of Savoy (2 September 1753 – 13 November 1810) was the wife of the future King Louis XVIII of France. A princess of Sardinia and of Piedmont by birth, she also was Marie Antoinette’s sister-in-law. Marie Anoinette in "Coiffure of Independence" has a large ship put upon her pouf. Madame Josephine, being from Sardinia, the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, would be competitive in court with a ship covered in gold in her hair. (Styled by Melissa LaPlante of Sweeny Todd Salon with makeup by Tiini.)

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