Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mantorville Times: A Trip to Max Lohbach

[Originally published in l'étoile magazine]
by Jahna Peloquin
Photos by Kate Iverson

Last weekend, l'étoile's own Kate Iverson and Jahna Peloquin, along with director Emma Berg, hopped town to visit designer and artist Max Lohrbach at the opening reception for his latest work in Mantorville, Minn. The amazingly intricate installation included painted figures in a late 1800s, Victorian-style arrangement - all wearing Max Lohrbach originals, of course. It was housed in the Mantorville Art Guild, which had awarded Lohrbach with a grant for the project. Afterward, we went to his charming old house, drank wine, tried on hats and looked at the thousands of historical trinkets scattered throughout the homestead. Fortunately, we captured all the loveliness.

Click HERE for more photos.

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