Sunday, February 7, 2010

Local fashion roundup for 2.1.10-2.7.10

Local fashion darling Laura Fulk just posted this sneak peek of a silk blouse and knitwear from her Spring 2010 line, to be shown April 19 at Walker Art Center during MNfashion Week.

[Hair by Faatemah Ampey. Photo courtesy Bravo]

Last week saw the premiere episode of "Shear Genius" Season 3, and local hairstylist Faatemah Ampey survived the first round. The boys at Project Rungay took her down a notch for her "smack-talking" and claimed to not be "that impressed" but said the look "really worked" (apart from the braided nipple), especially the braid across the forehead. Choice quotes: When asked if the group was going to let Jon win the competition, Faatemah said, "No. It's going to be a huge bloodbath. Somebody's going home in a body bag and it's not going to be me." And: "I don’t live in New York, I don’t live in LA, but I’m never out of my league. I’m not afraid of any of the people in this competition. I’m here for Faatemah. They can call me when I’m famous." Watch the full episode at Hulu and read Faatemah's recap at Modern Salon. [Hair Boutique/Project Rungay]

Local fashion photographer Ashley Lebedev has posted new work on her flickr page. She's just come onto our radar, and we're excited to collaborate with her on something for l'etoile at some point in the near future.

Wondering what's it like to work a day in the life of a hair salon owner? Then check out this article on Miyagi salon owner Mo Murphy.

Three designers from Saturday's (In) Sight U of M fashion show show their work on Twin Cities Live, to Macy's Trend Specialist Laura Schara's critical eye.

Local designer Laura Fulk is a finalist in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine's Sexiest Twin Citians contest. Besides being an extremely talented designer, Laura's an adorable girl and super-sweet person. Vote for Laura here.

Former Minneapolite model Tanaya Henry has gotten national attention for her business She Wears Your Tee, as well as her accessories line Lace that has been spotted on both Rihanna and Alicia Keys. [via LOL-OMG!]

It's a slow news week, so here's some interesting Facebook updates from Twin Cities stylemakers:

LOLing at this exchange between Laura Fulk and ROX jewelry designer Robyne Robinson.

PFT Couture and Voltage 2010 designer Pafoua Thao gives us the scoop about a possible Voltage story in Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. Crossing our fingers!

Voltage 2010 designer George Moskal reveals he's also one of the RetroRama designers. Mark your calendars: the show is slated to happen May 13 at Minnesota History Center.

Ignite Models Inc. proprietress Allison Hamzehpour has me excited to hear which designers are confirmed for the MNfashion Week show on April 10. I'm set to be a guest judge for the hair competition portion of the event.

Exciting news from fashion photographer Ashley Lebedev.

Voltage and MNfashion director Anna Lee emceed this year's U of M Senior Fashion Show.

Project Runway alum Christopher Straub is in Alaska for "Alaska Fashion Week." LOL!

Not sure where Vision model Nic LaFrance is hanging, but I want to be there!

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