Monday, February 8, 2010

Current obsession: Antique boudoir dolls

My mom has been turning me on to eBay auctions to help me add to my collection of scary dolls. I've found that they're actually called boudoir, or bed, dolls that were used to decorate a lady's bed from the 1920s-1940s. I started with a small 1920s boudoir doll my mom gave me for a birthday a few years ago that she found for $8 at a garage sale. It's cracked, with straw coming out of its neck, a twisted leg, and pupils scratched off of her eyes (hence her name, Susie Scratch-out). I actually don't mind the cracks and flaws - it's what gives it its creepy, lovely charm.

Here are a few that I've been salivating over.

1920s 23" Anita Boudoir Bed Doll. I love that it comes with red satin shoes! ($135 at eBay)

A pair of antique compo boudoir bed dolls from the 1930s with glass eyes. ($19.99/Reserve not met at eBay)

My favorite things about this 1920s-era doll with a cracked face is that apparently the previous owner's dog chewed up her feet. Wacky! (Bidding ended at $22.50 at eBay)

This one is just a head, but her face is so pretty and creepy. (Current bid at $9.95 at eBay)

This one looks like it was discovered in a graveyard. (Current bid at $57.95 at eBay)

This doll is just too glorious. Love her face and the outfit. (Current bit at $127.50 at eBay)

And finally, me as a "scary doll" for Halloween, with Susie Scratch-out in tow.


  1. Oh how I miss your scary doll. ;) I love that you dressed as her for halloween. Good luck with your collection!

  2. OMG, I have never seen these! It makes me want to buy them all up and make gorgeous little dresses for them.

  3. I know, if I ever get some expendable income I will become a serious collector!

  4. I bought that doll with the purple feathers for around $30. I fixed her up and put black mohair on her and made her new legs. How funny to run across her at this time when I was looking for something else. THANKS! :)