Thursday, February 12, 2009

V-day with for 2.12.09-2.18.09

A piece by DC Ice, one of the artists featured in "Fingers Crossed" at Umber

Check out my writing in this week's issue of

Valentine's Day: Love Me, Love Me Not: A host of Valentine's weekend events, whether you're spoken for or flying solo.
Crawl: Minnesota colonizes Fashion Week + Blythe doll models for Target: Find out the scoop of which local talent is headed to Fashion Week - and what ad agency put together the McQ Alexander McQueen ad campaign starring Blythe dolls.
Fashion: Valentine's shopping events, including details on the Hello Kitty for MAC launch.
Events: Gastro Non Grata + History of Hip: Check out this event for foodies - and music lovers, and learn about advertising in the '50s.
Art: Walker After Hours: "Live Forever: Elizabeth Peyton" + Fingers Crossed: four girls pulling heartstrings at Umber

Two of my favorite Peyton portraits: "Marc Jacobs," top, and "Jarvis & Liam Smoking," bottom

Also be sure to check out the Open Sky exhibition at Skyscape Condos tonight from 5:30-7:30 p.m. For this "exhibition of space and art," the art on the walls is as important as the walls themselves. To be more specific, the exhibition focuses in part on the beauty of a living space. Hosted on the 26th floor of the high-rise, the exhibition is also distinct for its incorporation of four guest curators, which each have selected a handful of their favorite local artists to display up to five pieces each. Twenty-four artists, multiplied by five... you do the math. Highlights should include mplsart director Emma Berg's selections, which include Rudy Fig, Deuce Seven, Isaac Arvold, Eric Inkala, and Miles Mendenhall. The other curators, Sean Smuda, Terrence Payne and John Alspach, artists themselves, will also have their work also on display.

Painting by Rudy Fig

Check out my blog about Swank Dollar and SisBro's spring collaboration on this weekend's edition of L'etoile's What's What.

Secrets of the City has a great Valentine's gift guide, Secrets of the Sweethearts.

And your Project Runway news for the week:

New York Daily News reports the the finale will differ from previous seasons since those present will be able to see the finalists' designs before the contestants have been announced. "We'll pre-shoot the intros and we're going to have the designers whose collections they are backstage, and some of our other cast members will be there, too," says the show's executive producer Jane Cha. In other words? There will be decoys.

New York go-to fashion blog
Fashionista is also reporting some depressing news: "A little birdie told us that Project Runway will never make it on the air again. The source says that next week’s scheduled show will in fact happen to generate publicity and anticipation for the PR brand without ever being broadcast... Meanwhile, the poor designers busting their asses to finish their collections will miss out on the fame and fortune, or notoriety, or whatever, that comes from actually starring on the reality show." We hope the source is wrong, but if it's true, this is very bad news.

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