Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Project Runway" at Fashion Week

Heidi Klum (in Matthew Williamson) and Tim Gunn; photo courtesy of WireImage

So, it's finally happened - Project Runway's Season Six finale was taped this past Friday and the three finalists' collections were shown. Being that the contestants have not yet been announced, the finalists stayed backstage, but it's safe to say there weren't any decoy collections. In other news: influential fashion editor Suzy Menkes sat in as the guest judge.

Season Four winner Christian Siriano afterward told
Variety, "I don't think it blew me away at all," he said. "But I think it was really strong and consistent. I don't think there was, like, a BAD collection - where last season, there was some rough ones." Most seemed to agree that the third collection was the strongest. See for yourselves:

My Top 3 from Collection #1:

All images courtesy of WireImage

This was probably the weakest collection, but saying that makes it much better than just about any of the third-place winners from previous seasons. They've incorporated knits, pants, asymmetry, draping, and fabrics - it's all very wearable with a slight quirkiness. On the other hand, there isn't much of a point of view. View the full collection here.

My Top 3 from Collection #2:

All images courtesy of WireImage
It was a bit harder to pick just three looks from this collection. This was the most whimsical of the three collections, the most celebratory of the female form, and featured the best use of color. Having said this, it was still a bit uneven and lacked focus, and a couple of looks were shockingly bland. It's hard to say if that will cost it the win, but I have a feeling that this is the designer I will be cheering for throughout the show (if I can guess who he or she is). View the full collection here.

My Top 3 from Collection #3:

All images courtesy of WireImage

This is the collection that was reported to have received the best audience response and the strongest reviews. And it deserved them: It has the strongest point of view of all the collections, features the best use of knits, and has a focus on wearable separates with an edge. Its designer could be a future Rick Owens. At the same time, I didn't love it, and I feel that it's a bit derivative of Owens and Alexander Wang. View the full collection here.

Time will only tell which designers have created these collections. Though it's difficult to be as excited about the collections as I have with past Project Runway seasons, the designers are clearly among the best group ever featured on the show. It's sure to be a competitive season. At least we can hold onto hope that it eventually will air - in a recent interview with New York Magazine, Tim Gunn (despite being as confused and frustrated as we are) confirmed as much.

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  1. Jaslene from ANTM is in collection one.
    I love it when reality TV blends together...