Thursday, February 5, 2009

Local fashion preview: New Land of Milk and Honey

One of my favorite local clothing designers Annie Larson of Swank Dollar and equally-excellent jewelry line SisBro are joining forces in late spring for a fashion event/performance, and they've just released a preview of the line on which they're collaborating, New Land of Milk and Honey.

Annie tells me there will be "ten-ish looks all together, with a good portion of it being sweater knit pieces on the knitting machine I just bought with Erin Smith (of SisBro)." I, for one, am excited for these knit pieces, and the designs depicted in the sketches make it clear that Annie is one of the few Twin Cities designers really pushing fresh, new design concepts. While it's clearly not for everyone, I can see at least a few pieces that I can see myself wearing.

What else we can expect: "The premise for the performance is that it is an expose on a peaceful commune of people that resides in Wisconsin, and in anticipation of the future they construct their lives around the use of Segways (you know, those little gyrscope scooter things)." There will actually be Segways in the performance, showcased on a futuristic landscape designed and constructed by Brett and Erin Smith of SisBro. The show, location and date to be confirmed, will also include a variety of other visual artists, musicians, and projection artists.

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