Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blythe for McQ for Target

I had wanted to share the lookbook images from the upcoming McQ Alexander McQueen for Target line, but when I stumbled across pictures of Blythe modeling each look, I thought it'd be a great chance to compare look by look.

All Blythe images by Gina Garan / Lookbook photos provided by Target
Alexander McQueen's latest collaboration with Target stars none other than Blythe. That's right - the googly-eyed semi-creepy doll that was first introduced in the '70s and has since made a resurgence among collectors. The doll is customizable - you can change her eye color, cut her hair, and even carve into her "skin" to create expressions. It's no surprise the doll has become a hit in the fashion crowd. For the ad campaign, which was created by a Minneapolis ad agency, Blythe is wearing doll-sized versions of McQueen's collection for Target. Though they're not available for purchase for your own Blythe dolls, they're awfully cute. The line hits Target stores nationwide on March 4, and Manhattenites get a preview at a special pop-up boutique at St. John's Center on Feb. 14-15 from noon to 10 p.m. during Fashion Week.
Unfortunately, they will not be reproducing the collection in Blythe-sized versions.

View the entire McQ lookbook
Look for my write-up in this week's issue of Vita.mn with some juicy details about the line's ad campaign starring vintage Blythe dolls.


  1. i can't believe they did the looks for blythe! officially one of my favorite advertising campaigns ever. sadly, i still don't have a blythe doll. sigh.

  2. it is a really cute campaign! I almost think they look better on Blythe dolls though. With comparing the two photo's humans seem to have a strangely small head.. odd