Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MNfashion announces Autumn/Winter 2012 Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week

MNfashion just announced its spring fashion week - with some big changes. Instead of "MNfashion Week," it's being rebranded as Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week, and it will take place a couple of months earlier - February 19 through 26. It's part of an attempt "to ourselves with the cadence of the rest of the fashion industry," says MNfashion executive director Emily Blanche in a press release. Another change will have designers showing the following season instead of the current season as an attempt to get in line with industry standards. The reason being, according to Blanche, to "allow buyers and the media to more conveniently engage with local designers and the great work they produce year after year" by offering more time between presentation and production. Registration runs now through December 23, 2011; a full event schedule will be released on January 16, 2012. For more information about Minneapolis-St. Paul Fashion Week or MNfashion visit or email

[A look from Danielle Everine at Voltage 2011. Photo: Stacy Schwartz]

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