Friday, December 30, 2011

Danielle Everine releases one-of-a-kind pieces online

Local fashion darling Danielle Everine is the latest local designer to be added to One-offs Yippee!, an e-retailer that offers one-of-a-kind pieces from Christopher Straub, ArielSimone, Sarah M. Holme and many other locals. The seven pieces look to be a mish-mash of items from past collections and new, never-before-seen pieces, available in sample sizes fitting a 0-4 (though Everine does custom orders). The bouses and dresses are cute and easy-to-wear, but the real standouts are the outerwear - Everine's specialty. Prices range from $88 for a blouse to $290 for the fur-sleeved coat. View the full collection here; you can find more Everine at her Etsy shop and in-store at Cliché.

Hand-dyed floral sheer cropped blouse (pictured at right at l'etoile's "Bright Society," September 2011. Photo: Peter Jamus)

 White sheep fur & leather vest (pictured on right at "Pale Rider," September 2010. Photo: Digital Crush)

Fur sleeve and leather coat with embroidered yoke (pictured on right at "Pale Rider," September 2010. Photo: Digital Crush)

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