Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

And here it is, another round of imagery captured by local photographers, and/or their muses.

MCAD student photographer Vincent Marcinelli previews a haunting piece from his senior project.

Photographer Corey Tenold and model Ashlee Walker make a picture perfect Old Hollywood couple.


Designers Coco & Breezy get styled and shot for an editorial.

Photographer Peter Jamus takes a reflective self portrait.

Photographer David Mendolia follows Tanja into the woods.

Grand Forks-based photographer Emma Katka takes a melodic self portrait.

Former Minneapolis designer Frances Zerr offers a glimpse into her sketchbook for her Spring 2011 collection.

Kouwai Potocnik gets sassy during a test shoot in L.A. (Photo: Alyson Aliano)

Ellen Dahl Lawson snaps tomboy street style for The Minneapoline.

Serah Sauser offers a behind-the-scenes peek of the latest video by Twin Cities R&B songstress Mayda.

Style blogger Shannon Licari Walling harkens back to the '90s with circle sunglasses and a leopard fur coat.

Lottie Anderson gets a fresh chop.

Things get Old Hollywood at Saturday night's l'étoile holiday party, Jubilee, at XYandZ Gallery. (Photo: Christian Erickson)


  1. photos of your friends in animal masks are the furthest thing from unique. read : http://www.vice.com/read/photographic-moratorium-animal-masks

  2. Fair enough, "anonymous." But I never claimed anything about the concept in that shot being "unique" - I simply thought it was an interestingly composed photograph. And I don't specifically post photos by "my friends" - it is open to all of those doing quality, intriguing work in the Twin Cities.

  3. Oh my goodness, love the "old hollywood" couple photos.

  4. Vinnie was in my large format class at MCAD & he's a great photographer. I agree it's more about the composition here, but he goes great work overall. The series was really intersting and not all of them had masks.