Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My interviews with Danielle Everine & Christopher Straub of "Project Runway"

Check out my interview with Project Runway's Danielle Everine and Christopher Straub for l'étoile:

Calling all Project Runway fans: Two of the design competition's local contestants are showing their latest collections in two separate fashion shows this weekend: Danielle Everine on Friday, and Christopher Straub on Sunday.

After having made her mark in the local scene with last fall's MNfashion-produced runway show "Pale Rider" and making two appearances in Voltage: Fashion Amplified, Danielle Everine made it onto the profile-raising
Project Runway, making her one of the most recognizable names in Twin Cities fashion. The busy designer gives us a peek at what's next for her with an intimate, in-store fashion show this Friday at Cliché featuring her abbreviated fall 2011 collection inspired by the sea, "Call Me Ishmael."

[Danielle Everine. Photo: Sara Kiesling]

l'étoile: For the show, you're collaborating with illustrator Lisa Luck on custom screenprints (who we worked with on a paper dolls-inspired spread last April). How did you and Lisa get hooked up?

Danielle: Lisa is an incredible illustrator. She drew the beautiful imagery for the Pale Rider lookbook and promotional material. We had been hoping to work on another project together. When I started to design this collection, she immediately came to mind.

Head over to l'étoile for the full interviews.

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