Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FabSugar asks Where Are They Now? of "Project Runway" alumni, including locals

FabSugar just posted a comprehensive "Where Are They Now?" slideshow of Project Runway alumni spanning the show's eight seasons, and locally-connected designers Christopher Straub, Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman and Katherine "Katy" Gerdes are all featured.

On season six contestant Christopher: "Christopher has released a line of accessories through his personal website. In 2011, he appeared as a celebrity guest at a Home & Garden Show in Minnesota, where he created a garment with materials from a home improvement store." (Which isn't the whole story - Christopher has also done collections for ShopNBC and Maurice's.)

On season six contestant Ra'mon: "Ra'mon is currently designing his namesake collection, available on his website. In March 2010, it was discovered that Ra'mon helped Lauren Conrad design her collection for Kohl's." (Which is true, but not the whole story - Ra'mon was the lead designer for Kohl's for a couple of years.)

On season three contestant Katy: "Since the show, Katherine (who now goes by Katy) moved back to Minneapolis, and designs a collection of casualwear that is sold in local boutiques, as well as in her online store." (Not true, at all really. Katy hasn't designed for years. She now works as a pastry chef at Hell's Kitchen.)

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