Thursday, June 23, 2011

Product review: locally-made lipstick by The Elixery

By now, we're used to skincare, food and even clothing being eco-friendly. But with this spring's launch of The Elixery, Minnesota's first line of cosmetics boasting eco-friendly ingredients, being green has never been so pretty. Owner and Principal Alchemist Carolyn Wells has managed to craft a collection of lipstick, eye shadow and shimmer powder that's vegan and "cruelty-free," yet strongly, brightly pigmented.

I was lucky enough to get to sample some of The Elixery's opaque lipsticks, which I found to all consistently go on matte with just a hint of shine, yet not chalky or bad-tasting. Their consistency is not overly creamy, but this just adds to the precision of application, and the length of wear.

I was excited to get to try an orange lipstick, "Hazardous," which is the hot lip color this spring. The tangerine, almost neon, orange can hardly be beat by a more expensive brand (these tubes sell for a reasonable $18 a pop). And best of all, its ingredients are words I actually recognize, and sound natural: vanilla, castor seed oil, avocado, wax, aloe extract.

Bonus: according to the packaging, this color was made especially for the Voltage 2011 fashion show, and The Elixery has also been featured in the St. Kate's student fashion show and on the cover of's spring fashion issue:

A candy pink lip color is always a go-to for spring, and The Elixery delivers with "Twee Pop," a perfect pink fit for Barbie.

A darker magenta pink called "Lakshmi" is more of a going-out-to-the-clubs, Manic Panic kind of pink. I really like how it sets off my pale skin and blonde hair in a very '80s Blondie way, but it would look great on someone with a more olive or chocolate-toned complexion and darker hair, too.

"Love Potion" is the early '90s goth girl of the bunch. The super-dark violet shade doesn't seem like a likely pick for spring and summer, but I am all about the summer goth look, so I say why not?

The Elixery is available at The Hive Salon, June, i like you, Eye of Horus, and

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