Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ivan Idland releases new sketches

Designer Ivan Idland just leaked a couple of scans of his sketches, which are more than possibly part of his Voltage 2011 application. Let's take a look.

These are definitely some new shapes for Ivan, who typically favors drop-waist, 1940s-inspired silhouettes. We're still seeing some of his trademark sailor collar necklines. The second-to-right look reminds me a little of his look for the vitaminwaterZERO "Flourish" fashion show I produced back in August. The little bloomers are adorable. I'm not so sure of the proportions on the far look left, nor the tiered skirt effect on the second-to-left and middle looks. However, Ivan's been known to impress on execution over his sketches.

These looks are definitely more signature Ivan - the second-to-left look in particular is adorable and youthful but still retro-inspired. A look of the success of these looks will depend on fabric - hopefully a lot of silks and flowy fabrics over more heavy-handed knits.

The colors are potentially a little drab, but I do love when he offers unexpected color combinations (as seen in his spring 2010 showing at the Cliché Crosswalk show).

Here are a couple of pieces from that show, which was some of the best work I've seen him do. Let's hope these sketches translate into this softer, more youthful feel of Ivan's work.

[Photos by Cody Litdke]

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