Tuesday, October 5, 2010

METRO Magazine announces its METRO 100

METRO Magazine's October issue offers its annual METRO 100 list - the 100 coolest/best things about the Twin Cities.

LOL/OMG!, a social media gossip blog of which I'm a contributor, made the list, calling it "Page Six for cool kids."

[Annie Larson pictured in one of her own designs; photo by Annie Larson]

In the fashion realm, nods went to:

  • Men's store BlackBlue, "The perfect shop for stylish guys on a budget who recoil at the sight of a bedazzled t-shirt"
  • Knitwear designer Annie Larson, whose "bright colors and geometric shapes make (her) knit leggings, bags and sweaters impossible to resist"

    [Raul Osorio design; photo by Ingrid Werthmann]

  • Men's and womenswear designer Raul Osorio, of whom they say, "No one blends feminine and masculine elements quite like Raul Osorio"
  • Rewind Vintage in Northeast
  • Designer resale shops like Gh2 and June
  • Andrea Oseland's bold jewelry line Cocoquette, available at Cliché
  • Nelle Handbags designer Laura Nelli
  • Men's shop martinpatrick3

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