Monday, October 4, 2010

Joynoëlle Spring 2011 lookbook

Designer Joy Teiken has released her Spring 2011 lookbook for her RTW line Joynoëlle, recently revealed at her September 23 show at International Market Square during MNfashion Week. (Here are my runway recaps for l'etoile magazine and Let's take a look, shall we?

Darling little confection of a dress. I love the necklace and sleeves, though not crazy about the floral appliques.
Classic Joynoëlle: ultra-feminine, vintage-inspired, and a touch frilly. Again, the floral applique feels a little done at this point, but it is sort of a Joynoëlle trademark. J'adore the shoes, and how the ribbon ties back to the ribbon detail in the dress.
I actually prefer the jacket version to the dress - so flattering and wearable. I'd wear this to work with a black pencil skirt or high-waisted, wide-legged trousers.
My favorite piece of the collection. I LOVE how she used burlap as an upscale textile, and the pale pink and slate gray silk are a great match. The cut of it is just adorable.
Here she's working with the burlap again, and I like how she's weaving the ribbon into it - very innovative. I don't understand why it's pair with this sheer blouse, which in itself is gorgeous but an odd styling choice.
This is the "Cat in the Hat" coat (the collection was said to be inspired by Dr. Seuss). The inspiration here is particularly subtle - the frayed silk ribbon detail is meant to evoke the sketches of Seuss, and it's defintely a successful translation. The collar is also quite whimsical.
Here is the dress version of the coat. The structure of the bust is gorgeous and quite flattering.
Doesn't she look like a little dessert? I think the floral addition is unnecessary, but nitpicking aside a sweet yet dramatic look.
Beautifully done. Love the waffling technique at the bust - she looks like a piece of pie! The skirt softens the effect but it would've been interesting to see an entire fitted cocktail dress incorporating the same waffling technique.
Here's the burlap again in jacket form - as lovely as the dress. The pants, however, are very odd to me. Sheer, polka-dot, and cuffed? I don't get the pants or the pairing with the jacket.
This is...just okay.
Very pretty but nothing exciting.
Here Joy is doing something interesting, taking her knack for creating her own textiles out of various fabrics into separates. The top is successful - the blue and pink are a gorgeous color combination, and the drape is lovely and romatic with just a hint of edge. But the pants are confusing - I don't understand why they cover the feet? It looks hoof-like. Perhaps with the bottoms hacked off they would've worked. Still, exciting to see Joy venture into the world of separates.

Photography: Brian Bradshaw
Model: Caroline Bayard for Ignite

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