Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Robb Long's Fashion Fight Night shoot

Photographer Robb Long sent me a link (via Metro Mag) from a recent shoot he did using locally-designed, custom clothing for Fashion Fight Night earlier this year.

by Mary O'Regan

His stylist, Hollie Mae of HMStyling, decided to ask some local designers if they'd be interested in creating a single look — one for each of the three segments of the photography shoot-out. Her original plan was as follows:

"My vision of Fashion Fight Night was to collaborate with local designers and create wardrobe from scratch. This way we could style specifically to each round with never seen before fashion, but also give homage to the talents of local designers. I had ideas of hoop skirts, pointed shoulders, and high cut legs. I then found designers that were already using these elements in some of there previous work. The idea really was a blessing because the designers I asked to work with were experts at there craft, very professional, and contributed great enthusiasm to the team. I gave direction for each look with specific color and cut, then each designer took the idea, executed it perfectly and added there own twist. It was like the designers read my mind and followed through effortlessly. We even added a extra designer to build the hat for our first look. Everyone collaborated beautifully as a group and made a cohesive look to our wardrobe. The final styling of jewels and heels was icing on the perfect triple layer cake! The entire team was thrilled with the wardrobe and we felt well represented for our first time in the ring!"

The black look by Niki English of Niki Designs, above, might be my fave. It's paired with a hat by Hilary Hubanks. Don't you just love the shoulder treatment? The fabric almost looks like liquid. The gist of the event was to stand out; this dress does that and then some.

Next was a cheery dress by designer Jenny Carle.

I love the strikingly vibrant red and the fun, one-shoulder cut. It fits Tearra perfectly. Speaking of fun dresses, check out Jenny's website for her just-released summer collection.

And last but not least we have a super sexy leotard by Rachel deLange for j-fi Fashion.

This was the finale piece, which makes complete sense considering the goal was the shock and amaze the audience. Ignite model Tearra's killer bod and smooth moves did exactly that. I did the styling in this shot too — biker gloves and chunky jewelry. Navy and yellow is one of my fave color combos. Bravo to the team that put this together: Robb Long (photographer), Hollie Mae (stylist), Kate Erickson (hair and makeup).

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