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Six Questions with's Corey Tenold

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The world of men's fashion is always a bit neglected in the Twin Cities, but a new locally-based blog gives menswear some fresh exposure. We highlight menswear blog in this week's issue, and in this online exclusive, asked founder Corey Tenold a few questions about his inspiration, his style, and three things every guy needs in his closet.

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What inspired you to start your own fashion blog?
I've always loved fashion. I grew up an only son with three older sisters. We all grew up in the '90s era, and it showed. They loved to be outlandish. They were really into fashion, and in turn, I became a fiend. I am a web developer at an agency in Minneapolis. I'm always starting new projects just to test my technical abilities. I've always contemplated starting a blog but wasn't sure what I wanted to continuously write about. Fashion always came to mind first.

What's your background in fashion?
I've always tried to have my own unique personal style. I always seem to get the "Where did you get those shoes?" or "Where did you get that dope shirt?" in school and around town, and I would always say "Uhh, ahhh. I got it as a gift." I didn't want people copping my style, but I didn't want to be rude. I love to be on the cutting edge. Starting a blog was a stray away from the mindset of others not having my threads. But it's worth it, I like to keep people informed.

While the blog does cover fashion on a national scope, it's clear you pay attention to what's happening in local fashion. What's your take on the local fashion industry right now, particularly when it comes to men's fashion?
I've only been in Minnesota for about four years now. I'm learning more and more each day when it comes to local fashion. I think the first local designer I ever met was Raul Osorio. He has an awesome eye for fashion. His new line out is incredible. High fashion at it's best. I think Minneapolis has a lot of talent. Huge talent. I feel a ton of people are lurking out there in the cities undiscovered as we speak. Some people move away to make it big in other metros, like Coco & Breezy and Pierrepont Hicks to NYC. I think part of the task of Trnds is to help discover those undiscovered talents. Minnesota knows style, that's for sure.

What blogs do you follow on a regular basis?
I find myself on quite a bit, there are always people showing off their own styles and own clothing for that matter. Hypebeast, High Snobiety. I was also recently introduced to Street out of Brooklyn, and love what they are doing. Another FFFFound-esque clothing bookmark site I love is Svpply.

What's your favorite trend in menswear at the moment?
There's a lot of stuff I dig right now. Retro shoes, plaid shirts, tight, dark jeans when it comes to everyday, taking a stroll in the city looks. For the office, I'm kinda liking the shorts suits look. H&M have already put some out in their stores. It's going to be popular in the office this year. Suspenders with anything, plims, wing tips.

What are three things every guy needs in his wardrobe?
Only three? Wow, that's hard! Every guy needs a nice, slim tailored suit. Dark 'skinny' jeans. Plims. Done and done.

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