Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Kevin Kramp gets more international press

Locally-based avant-garde knitwear designer Kevin Kramp is definitely not shy to the national scene. After spending most of his post-high school years in London and New York, Kramp recently returned to his homestage of Minnesota, and quickly hit the Voltage stage in April and picked up a Jerome fellowship at the Textile Center (coming up this fall) and a high-profile gig as men's knitwear and collection designer for St. Croix Knits in Winona, Minnesota.

Now the designer has some new international press. London-based website www.notjustalabel.com is spotlighting last year's "most inspiring" graduates from European design schools, including Kramp himself. Read the article here. In other Kramp news, Nokia-sponsored, artist-run German publication Sounds Like Me has done a recent feature on his knitwork, along with other recent emerging knitwear designers. (But be warned, the article is only viewable in German.)

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