Saturday, April 3, 2010

Local fashion roundup for 3.22-4.4

Here's the best in local fashion news and links from last week.
  • Former Minneapolis designer and Project Runway alum Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman launches new website, complete with his Spring 2010 lookbook at Photography by Herring&Herring (Dimitri Scheblanov & Jesper Carlsen), with styling by Eva Zuckerman.
  • Former Project Runway contestant Christopher Straub offers his take on last week's episode for

  • Christopher Straub just posted a new sketch previewing a look from his Spring 2010 collection.
  • Start planning your MNfashion Week schedule: MNfashion has posted the official schedule at If you want some help knowing what the top events are, head over to my handy guide.
[A Voltage 2010 look by Brianne Jones (Kelson); photo by Stephanie Colgan]
  • l'etoile magazine has new Voltage designer spotlights on Brianne Jones, Frances Zerr, Christine Carmichael, Elena Mercurio and Raul Osorio. The interviews also include preview images from the designers' Voltage collections.
  • Voltage has just posted a video preview leading up to the show on April 16, highlighting Vintage Voltage rock shows, the Voltage Preview, and more.
  • Voltage 2010 designer Christine Carmichael reports via facebook that her website now up, spring photo shoot pics and new blog entry coming soon.

  • Mpls.St.Paul Magazine’s style editor Melissa Colgan takes you behind the scenes at Cowles Conservatory for the spring fashion photo shoot featured in the April issue. It features of-the-moment Vision model Ashlee Walker (also the model for the Voltage 2010 lookbook).
[Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman with Maritza Ramirez]
  • For her new fashion blog leading up to St. Kate's senior fashion show on May 15, St. Kate alum and fashion designer Maritza Ramirez writes on her blog about interning for Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman back in Spring 2008 for his "Eluded Love" show. Click HERE for her post about designing for band The Haves Have It for Voltage 2008; click HERE for her recap of designing for Voltage 2009; click HERE to hear about Maritza assisting Voltage 2010 designer Kevin Kramp backstage.
  • Kara Nesvig profiles local fashion photographer Jennifer Cress for her Minnesota Daily column The Fashionista Is In; Cress recently returned from shooting at Paris Fashion Week.
  • Dances of Vice impresario Shien Lee and Minneapolis-based fashion designer Samantha Rei of Blasphemina’s Closet joined forces to present the highly anticipated “Wonderland in Spring Ball" fashion show earlier this month in New York. View photos on Samantha's facebook page.
  • Alison Kaplan takes us behind-the-scenes of Pioneer Press's spring 2010 fashion shoot at the new Target Field.
[Raina Hein; photo courtesy CW]
  • Local model Raina Hein is still in the race over at America's Next Top Model. In the third episode last week, the photoshoot is inspired by dance. Nigel and Tyra love Raina's shot, while Sean is impressed by the athleticism in the pose. Read Raina's take on the episode over at her blog. Click here for a new interview with Raina.
[Raina Hein; photo courtesy CW]
  • In episode 4 for the vampire photo challenge, Tyra loved the dark, edgy energy of Raina's shot; Nigel likes the way she is pulling the model's tie to drag him into the picture, getting her into runner-up status. Click here to read Raina's blog on the episode. [Source: Digital Spy;]
[Monique Darton; photo courtesy Lifetime]
  • Another local model, Monique Darton, rocked this look by Maya Luz (left) in last week's episode. In this week's episode, Luz leaves the show and is replaced by Anthony Williams, who loves Darton - and her effortless runway walk helped cement a win for Williams in the challenge (right). In Models of the Runway, Darton was again picked by Williams, ensuring she'll be in next week's episode - the final challenge of the season. Darton also received recognition for her work in last week's TLo Awards, Tom and Lorenzo give Monique the "Best Actress" award for working her garment by Maya, saying "it cannot be denied that Monique did her part in selling the hell out of this look as she slinked down the runway." Click here for her video blog on episode 10, here for Episode 11, and here for her challenge winner interview for Episode 11.
[Photo by Eliesa Johnson]
  • Local photographer Eliesa Johnson of Photogen-inc. published this gorgeous preview shot. She says, ""It's for a designer named Tara LaTour Lindemeier, she's a grad student at Parson's, we just wrapped a shoot for her new collection in Brooklyn."
  • An Alice in Wonderland-inspired look by local neo-Victorian fashion designer Samantha Rei of Blasphemina's Closet was featured in Gothic Beauty Magazine, available nationwide at such booksellers as Barnes & Noble and Borders. Congrats, Samantha!
  • J'adore the dresses created by Samantha Rei for Laura Boland and Hilary Davis of local band Bella Koshka for their recent video shoot.
  • Locally-based agency Ignite Models Inc. reports that former Ignite models Whitney Fransway and Caroline Bayard have signed with Factor Women in Chicago (formerly Elite Chicago).
  • Voltage 2010 designer Danielle Everine was profiled in this month's issue of METRO Magazine.
  • Another Voltage 2010 designer, Kevin Kramp, has been published in Paris-based quarterly magazine about urban fashion and culture, WAD Magazine's Spring 2010 issue.
  • METRO Mag's stunning spring fashion shoot is now online.
  • Minneapolis-based Juut master stylist Pearson Knight, who leads hair backstage at all Aveda-sponsored shows, offers his top hairstyling tips to Elle Magazine.

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