Sunday, April 25, 2010

MNfashion Week: Best of street style

One of my favorite parts of MNfashion Week every season is how dressed up people get (myself included). I always focus on wearing as much local fashion as possible during those two or so weeks.

[A stylish guest at the Blacklist event shot by Ellen Dahl via The Minneapoline]

Recently, my favorite (and apparently, the only current) local street-fashion photog Ellen Dahl of The Minneapoline and has been expanding her coverage for online. HERE she posts some style shots from l'etoile magazine's "Imagination Mechanism" event on April 23, Blacklist Vintage's "Clothes Off Our Backs" event on April 21, and CounterCouture's "Alter/Nation" event on April 24. HERE she captures stylish peeps at Voltage at First Avenue on April 16. Visit The Minneapoline for additional shots from Envision, the MNfashion Week Preview Party, and Clothes Off Our Backs.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

J'adore the striped tights on this young lady at Voltage. What a great way to add interest and edge to an otherwise fairly basic outfit.

Is that a Red Shoe bodysuit I spy on this stylish guest at the Envision fashion show?

A great updated mod look from this guest at the MNfashion preview party at Spill the Wine on April 7.

Me! at the MNfashion Week preview party. It's such a treat to be photographed by Ellen.

[All photos by Ellen Dahl for & The Minneapoline]

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