Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Preview: Amanda Christine Spring 2010

Amanda Christine is one of my favorite local designers. I've been lucky enough to wear custom-made pieces by her for events. So, of course, I was excited to see these leaked behind-the-scenes photos from Amanda Christine's Spring 2010 Collection, featuring one of my favorite local models, Kelly Streigel of Ignite Modeling.

[Photos by Rod Hasse]

Amanda Christine's Fall 2009 collection - which I've seen in entirety, and own a couple of pieces from - at Ignite Modeling's Envision fall fashion show at Graves 601 Hotel this Friday, September 18. She will also be showing the line with Allison Quinnell at Thursday's An Evening at Eastcliff event at the home of the President of the U of M, organized by the Friends of the Goldstein. Both events are part of MNfashion Week; check out the full listing of events at mnfashionweek.com.

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