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"Project Runway" S9 Ep. 1 in review

I recap episode one of season nine of Project Runway for For last night's Project Runway season nine premiere party hosted by l'etoile magazine at the Caterpillar Lounge of Thom Pham's Wondrous Kitchen, friends and fans of local designer Danielle Everine gathered to cheer her on. On hand were fellow designers (including Ivan Idland, Frances Zerr, Sarah White and Stephanie Lake), hairstylists, models, and Vision Management Group owner Teqen Zea-Aida, as well as and season six contestant Christopher Straub.

[Danielle Everine & Christopher Straub. Photo by Amy Gee for l'etoile magazine]

The show kicked off with a twist - an immediate elimination of four contestants before the first challenge had even taken place. It was harsh, but thankfully Danielle was spared. In the first challenge, the designers had to made a look solely out of their bedsheet and what they wore to sleep the night before. True to her vintage-with-a-modern-twist aesthetic, Danielle turned out a kicky pair of green shorts and a paneled top that got her deemed "safe" by the judges. But here Danielle's competitive nature was revealed, responding backstage that safe is "not good enough." That's our girl. View more photos from the premiere party by Amy Gee courtesy of l'etoile magazine here. Read my new interview with the designer in l'etoile magazine. The Star Tribune also interviews her.

[Danielle's look, courtesy Lifetime]

The reviews are in from last Thursday's Project Runway season nine premiere, featuring local designer Danielle Everine.

The holy grail of Project Runway bloggers, Tom and Lorenzo had good things to say about Danielle's designs. "She had a decent amount of material to work with…And she used it really well. Y’know, there should be a rule in these challenges against using tops to make tops and pants to make pants. We like that she used her top and pants to make the top and then made the shorts out of the bedsheet material. A good and unexpected use of the materials at hand."

"It’s also refreshing that she made something so sporty," they continue. "Others did as well, but hers may be the best of the sporty casual looks on the runway. Love the shape of the shirt and the way she blocked the fabric and gave the garment some shape so it didn’t just hang off her."

"And the shorts are damn impressive considering their beginning as cheap bed sheets," they say. "Again, she used the material well and gave the piece some shape and design interest. She’s definitely one to watch – and we suspect she’s going to say so every chance she gets."

TV Without Pity included Danielle in a Tweet featuring their early picks for best designers based on the first episode. Democracy Diva reviews the looks, saying, "It’s hard to remember this quiet little Midwestern flower is even on the show, but those shorts are pretty well-made (particularly in comparison to her competitors’ pants and shorts) and that sweater is fun and funky. I liked the colors she chose – a little weird, but really interesting."

[Danielle's sketch from episode 1]

TV blogger Gina Carbone writes, "It’s very her, I like it. SAFE. Oh but she’s pissed to be safe. Do we have a mini Gretchen? I do think she’s going to go far, though. I’m keeping my eye on this one." Crasstalk says, "Danielle Everine seems grounded and is a big reader but won’t look at the camera. She has a lot of ideas and concepts and is probably the most serious of this season’s contestants." Holy Moly! assess, "We have an early soft spot for cute little Minnesotan Danielle Everine, who looks like a wee little librarian lady and loves Alexander McQueen and Katherine Hepburn."

Behind-the-scenes photos of Danielle in episode 1:

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