Friday, July 22, 2011

The Minneapoline featured on has launched a new series in which they showcase style from around the globe, and they decided to kick it off with Minneapolis. Longtime local street fashion blog The Minneapoline, and its creator Ellen Dahl Lawson, gets the spotlight in the first featured article. The feature includes a Q&A with Lawson:

[Photo: Ellen Dahl Lawson/The Minneapoline]

On her favorite local designers and shops: "Raul Osorio, Danielle Everine, Maritza Ramirez, Emma Berg are a handful of designers. You can find some of their designs at Design Collective. (Ed. note: none of these designers are actually sold at Design Collective. You can find Raul Osorio at Blacklist Vintage, Danielle Everine at Cliche, and Emma Berg at June.) As far as thrift stores, Rewind, Blacklist Vintage and Via's Vintage are all popular."

On what catches her eye: "Someone catches my eye first. I get a better overall, thoughtful look at them and decide if it hits me more in my brain and not just my eye, then I approach them."

Read the full story and view a slideshow of photos from The Minneapoline at

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