Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hazel and Haverly launches

Last month, I previewed the new knit accessories line by local designer Kedrin Likness (also of Attagirl by Kedrin), Hazel & Haverly. Yesterday, the brand - all made from custom hand-dyed cashmere blend yarn - went live with a four-piece mini collection for Fall/Winter 2011, available on its new Etsy shop, and retails for $34.50 to 274.50. Each piece comes in charcoal, moss, amethyst and blush. Especially clever is the "Serine" crocheted capelet, which doubles as a skirt.

"Marit" cowl

"Ingrid" headwrap

"Serine" skirt/capelet

"Birgitta" thigh-high stockings

Photography: Stephanie Hynes
Hair/Makeup: Bethany Brihn
Model: Ali (Vision)

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