Friday, March 11, 2011

Style diary: Going blonde at HAUS Salon

With spring on the horizon and a trip to Austin, Texas, next week for the SXSW music festival, I decided it was time to lighten up my locks. Luckily, Charlie Brackney was able to get me in to new salon he co-owns, HAUS (which I previewed a week after its opening for

It was my first visit to the salon as a client, and immediately I was struck by how busy the salon already was, among its six stylists (three are colorists, three focus on haircuts). Charlie greeted me with a hug - and a miniature can of Sofia Coppola champagne and a lavender chocolate.

He introduced me to my colorist for the day, Brittany Eyler, who had moved back to Minnesota after being in Atlanta for the past six years. She and Charlie had worked together way back in the day at Juut, and when he brought up his plans for his new salon to her, she moved back to her home state to work there.

They started out by going over what I was looking for, and brought out some inspiration books and pulled up images on an iPad to come up with some additional ideas to help make the look unique. (Some of Cate Blanchett's and Gwyneth Paltrow's past 'dos were among the inspiration.) They ended up deciding to lighten my already-blonde ends to make them even brighter, as well as brightening my locks around my face, while keeping some of my darker blonde throughout to give it depth. We took a "before" photo in their mini photo studio and Brittany got to work.

As I waited for my hair to get be-foiled, I took in the surroundings - Jonathan Gomez Whitney's modern/industrial custom-built stations, fireplace and fixtures; and the familial, relaxed feel of the stylists, who asked each other for opinions on their looks as they worked.

After the foils set, my hair was rinsed, washed, and blown-out. When the final results were revealed, I was positively glowing. Even Charlie commented that it was the best blonde color job he's ever seen, which is saying a lot - the ambitious 27-year-old used to work as Juut's creative director. I got my "after" photo taken, and I was ready for spring.

HAUS Salon is located at 4240 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis, 612-827-4287,