Monday, March 14, 2011

Local inspiration: muses and lenses

The best in local street fashion, portrait and fashion photography from local muses and lenses, gathered via Twitter, Facebook and blog uploads from the past week.

Street style blog Minneapolis Affair shoots The Minneapoline/ street style blogger Ellen Dahl Lawson.

Ahlin Sanvee shows off his swanky style at Calhoun Square. (Photo: Minneapolis Affair)

Local style blogger Kitty Cotten laughs in the face of winter and goes red.

Local knitwear designer Annie Larson gets her nails done.

Style blogger Chloe Ahlf mixes prints - and makes it work.

Caitlin Angelica, the 16-year-old editor-in-chief of local arts photographer publication Crooked Teeth Magazine, gets peachy on personal style aggregator

Keisha Harris goes mad for plaid in a promo shoot for Seattle-based e-shop (Photo: Jill Wenger)

Vision model Elle Williams goes glam. (Photo: Jake Freeman)

Style blogger/stylist Jane Belfry glances over cat-eye liner with a leopard-covered friend.

Ignite model Whitney Fransway whips her hair. (Photo: Andi Elloway. Click here for more photos from the shoot.)

Style blogger Hina Khan saunters around her new neighborhood in L.A. (Photo: Cara Recine)

Fashion designer and painter Max Lohrbach paints a self portrait.

Despite the snow, Julia of Song of the Exile gets into the spring spirit with a trench and leopard-print kitten heels.

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