Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Local fashion link roundup: 3.14-3.22

A little bit late, here is a week in local fashion links and news.

Stylist/blogger Jane Belfry offers a looks into her beauty necessities. (Via Couture et Cuisine)

MNfashion puts the spotlight on METRO Magazine editor Mary O'Regan with this Q&A leading up to her hosting the MNfashion Style Dash at the Mall of America on March 26.

Elizabeth Dehn of locally-based beauty blog Beauty Bets offers tips on pro makeup and hair styling services, including the new Smart & Chic Beauty Lounge, for Star Tribune.

National online magazine Ermou Mag spotlights local knitwear designer Annie Larson, saying, "Picture the Italian Missoni house of fashion collaborating with the American Ralph Lauren and having Rei Kawakubo of Japanese Comme des Garcons as their stylist."

Tara Sloane spotlights Voltage designer Kathryn V. for l'etoile magazine with a Q&A. Look to l'etoile in coming weeks for more Voltage designer spotlights.

Because it's hard to pick just one post, check out Kara Nesvig's beauty blog Vanity Project for a bunch of new posts.

Mary O'Regan offers a behind-the-scenes look at a recent Minnesota Bride shoot featuring styling by Grant Whittaker, a dress by local line Joynoelle and jewelry by local designer Stephanie Lake.

Mary O'Regan recently wrote a story on emerging New York menswear brand Highland for Time Out New York. She learned about Highland through Emily Bryngleson of local line Tender Cuts - Emily was interning for Highland lead designer Lizzie Ownens.

Carla Ray Thompson of the Minneapolis Examiner interviews Voltage 2011 designer Danielle Everine.

Local 17-year-old style blogger Chloe Ahlf of Urban Tease offers her hair/makeup regiment and style tips via a couple of YouTube videos.

National blog Send the Thread does a Q&A with Kim Halzle of locally-based blog Runway Rundown.

Kate Iverson sneak peeks some new pieces by Emma Berg for her upcoming MNfashion Week show on last weekend's Scene Spree for Secrets of the City.

Kate, the editor-in-chief of fashion and arts online magazine l'etoile, was also named one of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal's 40 Under 40 for 2011.

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