Sunday, March 14, 2010

Local fashion roundup for 3.1-3.14

This week in the local fashion roundup, l'etoile publishes a new spread, Ra'mon's connection to Lauren Conrad's spring 2010 line for Kohl's is explained, and Spring MNfashion Week 2010 previews are posted.

[Image by Nicholas Marshall courtesy l'etoile]
  • l'etoile magazine publishes its first full editorial shoot in years, "Winter's Last Breath." As l'etoile's Fashion Editor, I styled the shoot, with photography by Nicholas Marshall, hair and makeup styling by Kate Erickson, art direction by l'etoile Art Director Chris Larson, creative direction by l'etoile Creative Director Beth Hammarlund, words by Rob Callahan, and modeled by Monica Ulrich, with fashions from Ruby3, Max Lohrbach, Emma Berg and Veronica delCarmen Gomez Whitney. It should be the first of many shoots to come for l'etoile.
  • Ignite Models review l’etoile’s “Winter’s Last Breath” editorial on their blog. Here’s an excerpt: How we ache for more MN fashion spreads like this one. How long has it been since we've seen anything like this in Minneapolis?...The l'etoile team has seamlessly tied the story together. Rob Callahan's words, the photography, the wintery landscape, the styling, (model)'s truly a beautiful match.”
[Images courtesy Lifetime and Kohl's]
  • When the Spring 2010 lookbook for Lauren Conrad's collection for Kohl's was released, l'etoile sister blog LOL OMG! and my blog report that former local designer Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman collaborated with Conrad on the line. Our blogs were later reposted nationally by New York Magazine's The Cut blog, Project Rungay, and
[Vanessa Fitzgerald in Christopher Straub with Simon Doonan]
  • Check out Christopher Straub's latest creation: a gown made from the packaging from the Project Runway Wii game, as worn by season six model Vanessa Fitzgerald (at an event in New York with Simon Doonan). [Image via facebook]

  • I’ve Got Your Style styling recently posted a video of Crystal Ball New Year’s Eve fashion show at International Market Square featuring fashions by Project Runway season 6 contestants Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman and Christopher Straub.
[Promo image for Envision: Artopia by Miles Schuster]
  • Last week, I previewed Spring MNfashion Week 2010 on this blog. Highlights should include Envision: Artopia, solo shows from Christopher Straub and Laura Fulk, l'etoile magazine's live photo shoot mixer "Imagination Mechanism," and of course, Voltage: Fashion Amplified.
  • Laura Fulk posted some preview images from the promotional shoot for her upcoming MNfashion Week show.
  • Voltage 2010 designer Pa Thao of PFT Couture snapped some behind the scenes shots at the Voltage lookbook shoot in late February.
  • Voltage 2010 band Blue Sky Blackout snap picks of their fitting at BlackBlue for Voltage: Fashion Amplified.
  • Check out the promo video for the Envision: Artopia Spring 2010 fashion show:

ENVISION: Artopia Spring 2010 from Allison Hamzehpour on Vimeo.

[Image by Stephanie Hynes styled by Abracadabra Vintage and Bethany Brihn]
  • Here's a beautiful silent film photo series by local photographer Stephanie Hynes shot, styled by Abracadabra Vintage and Bethan Brihn with model provided by Vision. The full series will be available at the end of the month on and
[Annie Larson knitwear photographed by Sam Hoolihan and Ross Yates]
  • Designer Annie Larson has a new website, It includes photos of her knitwear featured in the New Land of Milk and Honey show at Soap Factory on February 20, as well as most of her past work.
[Ben Fredrickson photographed by Eliesa Johnson]
  • Local fashion plate and photographer Ben Fredrickson was featured in March's edition of METRO Magazine’s Self Styled feature.
[Image courtesy MN Original]
  • Minnesota's official Oscar party at Hotel Ivy certainly had some stylish guests. Love this photo of local glamizon (and VIP hostess) Hannah von der Hoff holding the beads.
[A hat from the Goldstein permanent collection via flickr]
  • The Goldstein Museum of Design is offering a preview of its current project to digitize its collection of vintage fashions.
  • Jane Belfry and Jenn Cress were in Paris for Fashion Week. They were photographed for the New York Times’ Paris Fashion Week photo diary by Kevin Tachman at the NY NY Party.
  • METRO Magazine's Mary O’Regan offers her review of Fashion Fight Night 4 on February 27.
  • Here's more Fight Night photos from fashion show producer Richard Moody and photographer Alli Jagoda.

  • Here's video of sunglasses designers Coco & Breezy’s New York Fashion Week show this past February.

[Grace Crawford in her own designs]
  • Fridley-based, Liberian-born jewelry designer Grace Crawford, who’s participating in Saturday’s Minnesota International Fashion Expose fashion show, is profiled by the Star Tribune. Other local designers participating in the show include Christopher Straub, Rachel deLange and Joy Cooper.
  • Preview images from an upcoming shoot were posted on facebook, featuring styling by Grant Whittaker and Andrea Holton, and modeled by Lauren Wade. The images appear to be for a local bridal magazine and will have been shot by Lee Stanford.
  • U of M senior apparel students Emily Bryngelson and Mae Rodgers post images of their senior collections.
  • Check out some shots from the "Alice in Wonderland" premiere at the Mall of America. Local designers included Mae Rodgers and Judy Bender, both recent U of M apparel grads.

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