Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Local fashion roundup

Your local fashion round-up for the week:

[Image by Amanda Johnson]

Local folk singer Caroline Smith wore a Calpurnia Peach dress in last week’s edition of City Pages. She wore the same dress at her July 23 show at the Mill City Museum

[Image by Emily Utne for City Pages]

This stylish gal was spotted at last Thursday's MIA bike event wearing one of Anna Lee's flowered and feathered headpieces for her line Ruby3. Here's a shot of it from City Pages' street style blog Freestyle Fashion:

[Poster art by Aesthetic Apparatus]

The Midwasteland blog draws attention to local poster designer group Aesthetic Apparatus' screenprinted posters for the Dead Weather. Apparently, they are doing posters for the group not just in Minneapolis but all over the country for their U.S. tour.

U of M Apparel graduate student Monica Sklar posted a great
blog on 1990s club kids on her Worn Through blog. Also digging this one by one of her cohorts on Who Inspired Michael Jackson's Fashion.

June designer resale store has in new clothing, boots and bags. I'm dying over this Chloe bracelet handbag from when Phoebe Philo was still the line's designer.

Ex-Minneapolis hair stylist Ted Gibson recently joined the What Not to Wear TV show's staff. He apparently lived in Minneapolis from 1991 to 1997 while working for Aveda.

And all your
Project Runway news for the week:

[Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman; Image courtesy Lifetime]

Midwest fashion blog The Midwasteland highlights the series' Midwest designers. They call Ra'mon-Lawrence Coleman's resume the "most impressive" of the group due to his design experience with Target and Kohl's, and his background as a pre-med student. I like this quote from him they pulled from a Star Tribune article on the show: "It's really indicative of what's going on in cities billed as under the radar. We haven't necessarily been considered cosmopolitan, but it's really changing."

Gratz Industries blog calls Ra'mon-Lawrence a "contender." They call on Ra'mon to get a nickname (he actually has many: Ray and Law, among others) and they call his closet stunning (Ra'mon-Lawrence owns more than 450 pairs of jeans, as well as a "mint condition" Members Only jacket from 1982.)

Hills Freak blog reports on the fact that Ra'mon is working with Lauren Conrad on her line for Kohl's (originally reported in my Le Petit blog here). It's reality TV heaven.

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