Wednesday, July 15, 2009

La Nouvelle Femme 2009 Promotional Images

[Image by Nicholas Marshall]

The ladies of the second annual La Nouvelle Femme show just released these gorgeous promotional images taken by the incomparable Nicholas Marshall. The music, art and fashion show will feature music by Bella Koshka and Hildur Victoria (f. Margaret Lane), fashions by Calpurnia Peach and Frances Zerr, photography by Hillary Anne Berg, and fine art by Torey Bonar and Ema C. Cook.

The images feature the ladies of the show, which will showcase their individual talents in art, fashion, or music at the event, slated for September 18 at Varsity Theater. The event will help kick off Fall 2009 MNfashion Week. Find more info and images at their
facebook page. Here's a selection of some of my favorite shots:
The ladies of La Nouvelle Femme: Frances Zerr, Luci Kandler of Calpurnia Peach, Tori Bonar, Margaret Lane of Hildur Victoria, Ashley Wokasch of Calpurnia Peach, Hillary Berg, and Laura Boland.

Luci Kandler of Calpurnia Peach

Ashley Wokasch of Calpurnia Peach

Margaret Lane of Hildur Victoria
Ashley Wokasch and Luci Kandler of Calpurnia Peach and Frances Zerr

Laura Boland of Bella Koshka

[All images by Nicholas Marshall]

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