Monday, April 20, 2009

MNfashion Week run-down

[Image: Tom Wallace for Styling by Eclecticoiffeur. Dress on left, by Laura Fulk, will be featured in 'Suffocate']

MNfashion Week is officially upon us, so suffice to say my blog is going to be relatively neglected this week.

My itinerary:
Twin City Scene Mixer at Urban Bean. Fellow l'etoile and SOTC scribe (and Urban Bean barista) Juleana Enright is DJing at my fave coffee shop. Later: Watching the new "Grey Gardens" on HBO.
Tuesday: Laura Fulk's solo show, the "Suffocate" at The Lab Theater. I'll be working backstage.
Tickets here.
Wednesday afternoon: Working the Red Shoe Clothing Co. roaming fashion show
"The Walk," downtown Minneapolis. Evening: L'etoile's Sky Park Mixer.
Thursday: Okay, not a Fashion Week event but:
Urban Bean's patio opening. Pulled pork sammys, mmm!
Voltage, duh. Get tickets here.
Saturday: Afternoon cocktails at ROX's studio, First Amendment Gallery opening, Cliche opening, and Solid Gold at Nick & Eddie.
Sunday: Cliche VIP reception, Design Collective mimosa reception.


You can also check out the various publications and blogs I've contributed to for all the what's what on the fashion scene this week:

Just out today:
l'etoile's 'MNfashion Week Spectacular'.

Last week's edition of, which features Fashion Week events through Wednesday:
Jahna's guide to MNfashion Week, part one.

Secrets of the City also has a great Fashion Week guide, which doubles as a local fashion resource in general:
'Secrets of the Stylish'.

See the complete schedule of events

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