Monday, April 27, 2009

MNfashion Week review run-down

I'm still trying to catch up on my own reviews of MNfashion Week shows, but these reviews and photos from the week's events should tide you over for now.

'Suffocate': Laura Fulk solo show, 4.21.09 at The Lab Theater

L'etoile editor-in-chief and fellow style blogger Beth Hammarlund offered her take on the show in this video for Metromix, originally posted on her blog A Tiny Machine.


More reviews of "Suffocate":

Alison Kaplan of the Pioneer Press's take on the show for her
Mary O'Regan of METRO Magazine offers her take on the show on her blog,
The Fitting Room.

Photos by
Lorika's flickr site and Staciann Photography from "Suffocate."


Reviews from kjurek couture's "Exclusively Spring" show at the W on April 17:
Mary O'Regan of METRO Magazine for The Fitting Room.

Photos by
Chris McDuffie.


Shots from Metromix for Red Shoe Clothing Co.'s traveling fashion show.


An article by John Sand of the Minnesota Daily that features me as a source:
"Shock n Roll at Voltage".

In a write-up on
Ferociter's appearance in Voltage on Twin City Scene, blogger EJ ponders, "Is it me or is Jahna Peloquin the queen of styling?. I wonder if she'll get her own reality TV show, we certainly have a list of potential (dramatic) interns for her." Um, I'll take it!

Voltage reviews: 

A behind-the-scenes take of MNfashion Week from Kara Nesvig of the Minnesota Daily:
"The Fashionista Is In: Behind the Scenes at MNfashion Week".
Kara Nesvig's MNfashion Week podcast:
Fashionista Podcast 4/28/09.

Angie Hanson's review for City Pages.
User review on
Review from Carl Atiya Swanson at
Cake in 15.
Review from Swanson for

More photos:

Sara Montour
City Pages
Staciann Photography
Promotion House

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