Monday, April 13, 2009

How to walk in high heels, runway model-style

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Finally, someone is offering a piece of unheard of but much-needed style advice.

You've seen the girls tottering down the street is shoes they obviously shouldn't be wearing. But we all could stand to hear from an expert how exactly to walk in heels if we want to look like we know what we're doing - especially when said expert is runway model Anastasia Khozissova. Model website Modelinia has a great tutorial on how to correctly walk in high heels.

Her tips: 1. Don’t push your hips out from side to side when you walk; keep them tucked in underneath you. 2. Our natural instinct is to walk with our head pushed forward like a chicken. Keep your head back and chin up. 3. Your toe should hit the ground at the same time as your heel. Practice walking on your toes. 4. Relax your shoulders when you walk so your arms swing naturally.

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  2. Wow that's advice for someone who already has to know what they're doing! I can't imagine a novice trying out all that. It does makes sense, though, and I realized I already do a lot of those things without consciously realizing it.