Monday, March 12, 2012

Kevin Kramp announces move to Italy to work for design brand Diesel

Some bittersweet news from local knitwear designer Kevin Kramp came in over the weekend: the Minnesota native is making the move to Italy to work for Diesel this month. It's not at all surprising, knowing the designer spent ten years working in New York and London before returning to Minnesota two years ago. Since then, he's shown as Milan and New York fashion weeks, received a prestigious ITS design award, and was featured in Vogue Italia and Belgium Elle as an "new talent." But despite his international renown, he embraced the Twin Cities fashion community, showing as part of MNfashion Week's "The Shows" in April 2011 (a collection that would later hit the Milan Fashion Week runway) and winning a Jerome Foundation grant that included an exhibition at the Textile Center, as well as creating custom garments for Minneapolis-via-Berlin avant-garde electronic pop group Dearling Physique. (On that note, keep your eyes out for the new Dearling Physique music video "Terrible Mind," featuring new knit costumes, set to release this spring.)

In a press release issued on Friday, Kramp says, "When I moved back from London in late 2009, I did not expect to remain in MN for very long. I am glad I did. I want to thank everyone for their enthusiastic support, dedicated help, and belief in my work. My work could not have reached as far without your help and passion. I am lucky and grateful to have been included by all of you here."

Video of Kevin Kramp's runway presentation at mark 0:54-1:58:

Kevin Kramp video promo for MNfashion Week's The Shows, April 2011:

Kevin Kramp from WHITE TRADE SHOW on Vimeo.

Dearling Physique 'Discipline Your Hands' from Dearling Physique on Vimeo.

Dearling Physique 'Up All Night' from Dearling Physique on Vimeo.

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