Friday, May 6, 2011

Weekend link roundup: 4.30-5.6

[Photo by Ellen Dahl Lawson]

Ellen Dahl Lawson snaps eco-friendly looks at the Sol Inspirations eco-fashion show for, including this shot of Emma Berg in a Raul Osorio jumpsuit from his spring 2011 Voltage collection.

Star Tribune reports that local designer Danielle Everine is making miniature fur suitcases for this year's CSA (Community-Supported Art) by Springboard for the Arts.

French fashion blog The Trendy Girl features local knitwear designer Annie Larson's ALL for Everyone line.

Local jewelry designer Karin Jacobson is up for Engagement 101's 2011 best-of contest in the Eco-Friendly Design category.

Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 designs by local designer Christopher Straub were featured in a spread in Oklahoma City-based online publication Twenty Something Magazine.

Local fashion designer Kimberly Jurek gets spotlighted in City Pages' 100 Creatives feature.

Star Tribune spotlights the return of user-driven photo blog Summer of Dresses.

The Minneapolitan speculates on whether local fashion designer Christopher Straub will return to Project Runway for its upcoming, just-announced All Stars edition this summer.

Mary O'Regan features her favorite spring trend, tribal, in the latest issue of METRO Magazine.

The Goldstein Museum of Design's new blog gives some background on the new sari exhibition.

Local designer Niki English just set up a new Etsy shop, if you've been pining for her looks from "Distortion."

MNfashion Week Shows composer Alex Berlund has posted his soundtrack to Kevin Kramp's show for download.

Urban Tease style blogger Chloe Ahlf tries out new lipstick for spring.

Jewelry designer Annika Kaplan posts a photo preview of the supercool pieces she'll have at the Walker's Local Jewelry Artist Mart this weekend.

I preview this weekend's Walker Local Artist Jewelry Mart and "Clothes Have Dreams Too" fashion show for's print issue. (I also spotlight tomorrow's Frank Gaard art retrospective.)

I recap the best, worst, and most cracktastically dressed at the MET Ball for online.

In Le Petit, I post another edition of my muses and lenses photo feature; cover the news that local knitwear designer Kevin Kramp was named a finalist in a high profile, international design competition; announce Cliche's Crosswalk fashion event; and show off J Brand on the new J World website.

l'etoile updates its weekly shopping guide.

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